Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curry Chicken, and benefits of curry

Curry chicken with coconut almond satay sauce, grilled asparagus and fresh lime

I'm sure many of you already know or have heard about curry, and how healthy it is. But what's so good about it?
  • Antibacterial and detoxifying properties
  • Anti- inflammatory- Helps with joint pain, and joint stiffness
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Aids digestion
  • Boosts you immune system, helps fight disease, including cancer

So curry is some pretty powerful stuff, but cooking with it can be a little intimidating.
Over the years I noticed many people get turned off when I say I'm making curry chicken or Indian food. But, unless you absolutely hate curry, you'll love my curry chicken!
**This marinade would also work well with tofu or possibly cauliflower, if you don't eat meat.

Curry Chicken and Coconut Almond Satay Sauce

First things first, you need to make your marinade

Start with a heaping tablespoon of garlic powder. I eyeball everything, so just do what looks good.

Next, add the curry. I used to only use spice islands curry, because it is sooo good. But you pay the price, it is very expensive. So now I do some cheap curry and some expensive curry.
Approx 1/3 teaspoon of good curry powder
Approx 1 teaspoon Curry powder
(again, I don't really measure)

Add a pinch of cumin, and about 1/4 teaspoon sea salt. Now be careful with the salt, many curries have a lot of salt already, and you can always add more later.

For a little kick, add a small pinch of red pepper flakes. (optional)

Now, whisk it all together. It should look something like this, If you want less curry flavor add more garlic powder and it will be a lighter color.

Beautiful Limes! Make sure you roll it on your table pressing down, before you cut it. This gets the juices flowing.
If your lime is small you will probably need all of it's lime juice. But if it's a large lime, squeeze 1 half in, and a little squeeze of the other half.

whisk, and it should make a thick paste.

While whisking, slowly pour in good olive oil, before it gets to the perfect consistency, smell it- If it smells like pure olive oil squeeze in some more lime!
After whisking, it should look like a thick liquid.

Now for the chicken.
If you are one of those people who care about getting organic and care very much about GMO, but don't buy organic meat, think about it.. All that chicken eats is GMO corn and GMO soy, so you're trying so hard to avoid GMO produce when your eating GMO chicken!
But that's not why I buy this chicken, I prefer my chicken to walk around for some of it's life, unlike the conventional chickens who can't stretch a wing.
As far as taste, I think they taste a little fresher, but the meat is much more soft and tender.
If you get breasts cut them into strips, if you get tenders all you need to do is trim away any white on your meat. White=not meat. White things are either fat, skin, or tendons, and none of those I enjoy biting into.
If You are vegan or vegetarian, use extra firm or firm tofu. Press and drain all the water out of your tofu. Slice into cubes or strips, and marinate in the curry for a few days.

Marinate the chicken a few hours or overnight.

Personally, I like to grill this. Either a grill pan, or on the grill, but our grill was out of propane. So I baked it. suh.
400 degrees for about 30 min, (flipping half way)
Or until temperature reaches 165.
On the grill on med- high heat it should only take about 3 min per side.

So while your grilling or baking, You can start your sauce.

  • 1 can (14-15 oz) of light coconut milk
  • About 3 Tablespoons of almond butter  (you can use peanut butter, or do half and half, I use almond butter because it's healthier)
  • juice of 1 large lime
  • About 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
I taste this as I'm cooking it, and add more of whatever it needs.
Simmer the sauce on low heat, stirring, for about 5 minutes.

I served it with
 a lime, the sauce on the side for dipping,
 saffron basamati brown rice with lentils,
 and string beans & peppers cooked with garlic, soy sauce, rice vinegar and red pepper flakes.

                                          with a side a garlic lime grilled asparagus


  1. Looks great! I've never tried curry, but my husband had Indian cuisine at work the other week and has been raving about it. Maybe I should surprise him!

    1. Thanks, I think he would really enjoy it! It is really awesome, it's a great beginner recipe since it is mild but super flavorful, I like it with the dipping sauce but my boyfriend doesn't like the sauce. Good luck!