Friday, July 13, 2012

lunch time ...IN 15 MIN

Many people have lunch wherever they work, and often grab some fatty tv dinner, because who has time for a real lunch, right? wrong!!
Since I only work short shifts, my lunch break is a mere 15 min long.

1.vegetable avocado wrap
 before you go to work, sautee/stir fry chopped onion, garlic, asparagus, cremini mushrooms, peppers, or any veggies you got in the fridge. When they seem crisp but tender and fully cooked, take a little more than half and stick it in a glass jar. To the pan add 2 eggs, cook and eat with whole wheat toast and orange or pineapple juice. There's breakfast. Now, take to work 1 ripe avocado, 1 whole wheat wrap, the jar of cooked veggies, and a bag or jar of lettuce/spinach/broccoli slaw, whatever. btw steamed lentils are very good for this wrap also. {Now for avocados get small ones, buy a bag,, it's cheaper, as they ripen (they press in slightly when you push) stick it in the fridge if your not ready to use it, this will keep it ripe and fresh for at least a week, if not more.}
When it comes time for lunch, take your whole wheat or brown rice wrap(<toast that 1 slightly)
take a sharp knife, or a butter knife if that's all that's available
cut from the top, lengthwise all the way around. there is a round pit in center. after you cut take each side, twist and pop open, smack pit with sharp knife and pull out. gently use a spoon to take avocado out of skin. mash onto wrap as a paste, if you don't loveeeee avocado don't use the whole thing..brilliant!
Add your veggies cold or room temp, your lettuce, and eat!
-This takes less than 5 min to make, and is very healthy.
-To switch it up use different veggies, if no fresh veggies are available, frozen can be used, shrimp or grilled chicken can always be added,
 different flavors to incorporate are, - curry     -ginger    -teriaki or soy sauce    -balsamic

2. Roasted vegetable quinoa
This is a great lunch, dinner, side dish, quick breakfast, whatever.
The easiest way to make this would be to roast veggies one night for a dinner side dish, and roast extra of course. garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper, add whatever you like... 400-450 degrees for about 25 min, depending on veggies, turn half way.
and the same with quinoa, when you make it make a TON! store in a jar and use throughout the week.
If you don't like quinoa you can use brown rice, orzo, farro, buckwheat, cous cous, whatever. BUT, quionoa packs a protein punch. So when you cook it do not use water! use 2:1 liquid to quinoa ratio and use a broth, like veggie or free range chicken... follow pkg instructions to cook. add salt to taste after its cooked, mix roasted vegetables, stick in glass jar, wa lah! serve cold or room temp.

Okay, so why the jars? Every week you buy jam, peanut or almond butter, salsa, whatever. after you eat it, put the jar in the dishwasher... wow free tupperware...
Why is everything cold or room temp? Well that is a very easy answer, simply becasue THE MICROWAVE CAUSES CANCER! Now, before you call me a crazy hippie, think about it. That bomb we dropped on hiroshima, many many people died, their eco system and air weren completely ruined, their babies suffered severe birth defects for a very long time. Now, why? beacuse of radiation! So now everyone is going to go around "nuking" their food with radiation? Don't you think, just maybe, possibly, that radiation, could perhaps affect the molecules in your food because radiation affects virtually everything else?? 
Please read this article by dr. mercola, it explains why the microwave is dangerous, and how it "zaps the nutrients right out of your food."
slow cooker-great. oven, stove-great. Grill-okay.           ........Microwave-NO No NO!!!!

3. Healthy tuna or chicken salad
get a can of tuna or chicken, half salt people come on. And none of that garbage, the ingredients should say tuna, salt, water. That's it, none of that crap I can't even pronounce. 
Or better yet you could use your own chicken or tuna. This also could possibly work with a combo of canellini beans and chick peas instead of meat..possibly
Anyway. Throw away your mayo because it's just gross, (really, just look at it) whenever your heart desires artery clogging mayo, use a ripe avocado! your heart will thank you!
So, take your can and drain it. Mash it with a fork, and mash in your avocado. (you should know how to do this since I mentioned it above) Add a dash of fresh lemon or lime juice directly to avocado. This will keep it from browning. So mash avocado and tuna/chicken together and if desired, throw in some broccoli slaw, or shaved carrots. That's it. Holy simple. And healthy.
Serve on whole wheat bread, brown rice bread, pita bread, pita chips, a wrap, whatever.

4.yummy salad ideas
For one, don't use iceberg. Come on.
For two, don't buy pre-made chopped salad mix bags, -they are expensive and they will go bad way quicker.
three- ONLY BUY ORGANIC LEAVES. you are eating straight up pesticides if you get conventional lettuce. Unlike a banana, or avocado, with lettuce you eat what gets sprayed directly. don't do it.
okay so, some good things to buy for/ add to your salad
  • ORGANIC romaine hearts -buying a bag of untouched hearts will last you a month, if you pull outer leaves off as needed and don't crunch the whole thing
  • ORGANIC spinach- hmm because it's good for you? high in iron and vitamin c, and it's delish
  • ORGANIC baby kale and swiss chard- both packed full of vitamins and antioxidants
  • ORGANIC broccoli slaw
  • mache / lambs lettuce -- Holy nutritional value!!! compare it to romaine, you'll be amazed. tastes like very mild spinach. buy  ORGANIC if possible
  • carrots  ---ORGANIC. again. because conventional is sprayed with pesticide which goes into the, ground when it rains, and guess what!? The carrot sucks it up because it is a root!
  • lentils, steamed lentils
  • garbanzo beans, black beans, kidney beans
  • dried cranberries or cherries
  • avocado
  • raw broccoli, cauliflower
  • tomato
  • raw walnuts, almonds
  • mushrooms
  • cooked quinoa
  • flax, chia seeds, shelled sunflower seeds
  • apple slices, grapes, watermelon

for dressings use 
balsamic vinegar, rice vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar
flax oil,olive oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil

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